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Bringing Innovation and Value to Healthcare

Maclean Health

Maclean Health

Maclean Health is a medical and pharmaceutical products wholesale distributor with a specialization in supplying market innovators. Maclean is a certified ISO 9001:2015 and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy accredited company.

Our team of experts is continuously identifying creative and emerging technology to bring to our government and private healthcare partners.

Maclean Health

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Maclean Health’s mission is to provide the highest level of competence and capability as we supply our customers, whether government agencies, international non-profits, or healthcare entities, with their healthcare supply needs with an engagement approach that is efficient and transparent.

Vision Statement

Maclean Health’s vision statement is to provide products and services which offer the best in class for economic value and clinical outcomes.

Quality Policy

Maclean Health is committed to continually improving our quality management system and meeting all requirements, whether customer, regulatory, or other. We ensure our quality objectives support the fulfillment of this quality policy which in turn ensures the policy is aligned to our organizational strategic direction and purpose.

Our Capabilities

Maclean Health

California statewide face mask contract holder

Maclean is proud to hold the State of California’s five-year NIOSH N95 respirator and surgical mask contract. CA Contract # 1-20-65-32JJ

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