Jessica Estrada

Salesforce administrator

B.S., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

About Jessica Estrada

Jessica is a Certified Salesforce Administrator with a strong dedication to optimizing our Salesforce org to perfectly align with our business and customer requirements. With over 13 years of experience in Quality Assurance across diverse industries like medical devices, biotech, and API manufacturing, she possesses a wealth of expertise on optimizing business processes to meet business and customer requirements.

Driven by a passion for efficiency and adept problem-solving skills using Salesforce, Jessica plays a pivotal role in empowering the Sales Operations team to effortlessly manage their processes and data within the platform.

Beyond the office, you’ll frequently encounter her exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s paddleboarding, hiking, or visiting state and national parks, Jessica embraces the outdoors. Yoga also finds a place in her heart, allowing her to maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.